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What does a wedding planner do?

edmonton wedding planner
(source – yes that is me, doing my favorite job!- – fixing the dress)

A wedding planner’s main job is to save you time, money, and stress. The largest difference of a wedding with a wedding planner is that you will see the bride having a good time and the bride and groom will be guests at their own wedding instead of having to tend to every little detail that goes array.

Wedding Planners/Coordinators will:
– Obtain lower prices
– Assist you in finding the best vendors
– Negotiate contracts
– Coordinate a schedule with your vendors
– Confirm arrival times and locations, obtain emergency numbers
– Compile a detailed schedule for you, your wedding party, and vendors
– Review contracts from your vendors
– Ensure you receive the services detailed on your contracts
– Ensure your vendors have everything they need
– Set up your ceremony and reception décor
– Transport your ceremony décor (as necessary)
– Direct vendors where to go
– Assist your guests (provide direction/fix attire/obtain high chairs etc.)
– Cue vendors when events are starting/need to end
– Fill in where necessary (i.e if an usher leaves or a guest book attendee does not arrive)
– Keep the event on schedule
– Distribute final payments
– Attend to emergencies

(please note: these are a few applicable tasks, and this can vary from planner to planner, and from package to package)
A big misconception is that your venue coordinator or your relative can take care of everything. A venue will have not contacted the cake person or the florist to ensure they have the correct address and when they are delivering. They also will not call the florist/baker/dj when they have not arrived on time. Will your relative have a back up contact to have another cake delivered or what will happen your bridesmaids pearls go all over the floor, or the ring bearer forgets the rings in the limo, are you going to send them to pick them up? Those are some of the many typical situations that happen at a wedding.

You will also have to be prepared to answer many questions on the day of your wedding, perhaps while getting hair or makeup done while your relative tries to decipher your hand writing or your vendor has a last minute questions. Wedding planners usually will have asked this in advance, have a back up copy, or have a contract/email in hand to answer the pending question.

A wedding planner will give you a list of great vendors to work with, it might not be a direct recommendation for you (as you would receive with full wedding planning), but reputable vendors that they have worked with. Remember they want your day to go as smoothly as possible as it will only make them look better, plus it’s less stress for the planner!

Wedding planners also know what is absolutely necessary to carry out your vision. Some vendors may try to up sell you and tell you need more than you really need. Their goal is to sell you as much as possible; where as the wedding planner is on your side, to ensure you receive your vision, on your budget.

When couples who took on the whole wedding by themselves were asked “what would you have done differently”? The majority say “hire a wedding planner” – ask a friend you’d be surprised!

In short, couples who hire a wedding planner will find that it is the best money they spent, and will enjoy their wedding.

alycia wells - January 20, 2010 - 5:13 pm

Love your site, this is a great tool for brides.

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