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Picking your Florist

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Their job is to pick the flowers and arrange them in an art piece. But first you have to pick the right florist. The first thing to look at is your style. What kind of style of wedding are you going for? Think of the words that could describe your wedding: modern, vintage, simple, classic, or sophisticated.

First do yourself a favor and surf the internet for ideas of what you would like to see – colors, styles of bouquets, boutonnières and center pieces – print them off. While surfing take the time to find a few florists whose reflect that style of yours. Then make yourself an appointment with a few florists and see what they have to say about your vision and budget. You don’t want to go into a florist appointment blind; you will be overwhelmed and perhaps disappointed.

Keep in mind the average cost of a bride’s bouquet is $175 – $225, bridesmaids anywhere from $75-$150 depending on the flowers and season. But don’t forget the boutonnieres which are $10-25 each and the ceremony flowers which are usually $150 each. It adds up quickly, but there are options around the average price and you can keep your costs down by using a florist who is knowledgeable and creative.

(Side Note: Take it from me; doing your own flowers is not a wise decision. I can wrap flowers and make arrangements but when your 500 tulips arrive frost bitten, there is no place in Edmonton you can find 500 pink tulips. Yes that did happen for my wedding – I won’t explain that decision. And there isn’t much you can do to bring them back. Avoid this kind of trauma.)

If one of the florists you haven chosen has told you that they will not work with roses and you wanted roses – then you will want to choose someone else. Say you want peonies and hydrangeas they will tell you that those flowers can be extremely expensive ($6-10/a stem) and that hydrangeas don’t live out of water for more than a few hours before wilting. A good florist will tell you this and will die and provide you with an alternative flower.

Just like every other vendor you want to be able to ‘click’ with their personality, like their work, and check their references. Also ensure you have a contract and pay a deposit. Be warned though, good florists book up fast because they can only do so many weddings in a day – just like a good wedding planner or photographer!

Now with all that said, this is of course if you want flowers. You by no means need to have flowers – or live ones. There are several alternatives out there for bouquets and center pieces – just step out of the box.

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