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TLC’s Four Weddings Blunder Recap

If you missed it, here’s a recap from TLC’s four weddings blunders

1. Starting late
2. Missing bouquets
3. Dressed down bridesmaids (cocktail dresses with runners)
4. Too many bridesmaids
5. Expecting people to like your dress
6. Forgetful Officiant (time/names)
7. Overblown Officiant (loud/long)
8. Bride and Groom snickering/forgetting/slurring through vows
9. Too much of a Kiss/Sloppy
10. Unwelcomed Guests – Bugs
11. Outdoor reception or ceremony with no heat
12. Problem Wind (inaudible vows/ flying veils/flying backdrops)
13. Hot outdoor ceremony
14. Location (overhead airplanes/close to a freeway)
15. Feature Creatures including animals in the weddings geese/horses/dogs/butterflies
16. Ceremony blind spots (not all guests can see the ceremony)
17. Long delays/distance between ceremony and reception
18. Waiting Game (long time in between ceremony and reception)
19. RSVP Blunder – have not enough room for all the guests
20. Bad Dates (i.e national holiday, middle of the week during work)
21. Under or overwhelming centerpieces
22. Timing (early morning wedding i.e. 7:30 a.m.; dinner starting too late 8:00 p.m.)
23. Not accounting for picky eaters (only having spicy food/not familiar foods)
24. Food Art Attack (overdoing the food art)
25. Buffets (having to carry multiple plates, large lines)
26. Starving the Guests (not ensuring there is enough food, not ensuring guest know that it is only cocktails and not a full reception)
27. Too much information in a speech/too many speakers
28. Volume Control (DJ is too loud)
29. Overdoing the entertainment
30. Empty Dance Floor
31. Gimmicky Wedding (over doing the personalization)
32. Scare Tactics (Halloween wedding)
33. Second Dress letdown (most guests didn’t like that the bride changed her dress)
34. Throw Downs (cake smashing/bouquet throwing fights)
35. X Rated Exploits (think garter searching)
36. Poor Taste (“weird” cake flavours)
37. Chocolate Fountain (messy/germy)
38. Cutting the reception early (party is in full swing and people start cleaning up the room)
39. Alcohol, Cash Bar – who pays/not having any, having guests pay for non alcoholic drinks
40. Not knowing when to stop – guests being very drunk

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