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Will + Kate

Okay I’m sure you’ve seen ever picture in the world of the couple, I personally hadn’t seen this one. I thought it was so special. This is the one I would put on the wall.

So by now you’ve seen blog post after post about the wedding. I thought I’d post my thoughts on a few things.

1. Personally, I sure hope that sleeves don’t come back. It looks great on her, but you’ll notice she changed out of this dress. Kate was way too fashionable for a dress like this, in my opinion. This was a princess dress, gorgeous, but she had to walk down the aisle in something that was like every other gown that has walked down this aisle. It’s modern and pretty, but I really hoped that it would be couture fashion and not something so plain. It does have some lovely details but not what I expected coming from such a fashionista.

2. That bouquet. Don’t copy it. It was horrendous.

3. I also hope people don’t have bridal parties in white. It looked fantastic on her sister, but coming from someone who is pale and had to tan for four months every second day to get some color so I wasn’t washed out in my white-ish gown, don’t do it. I love colourful and fun bridesmaid dresses. I still stick to only the bride should be in white.

4. I don’t know why he didn’t get a ring. Men should have a ring.

5. I think we will see an influx of fascinators and hats at weddings for the next two years. I’m okay with that, I love wearing fascinators, I love making them too.

6. I loved the cars. I am a car girl at heart and I loved that they weren’t in limos. ¬†Get a fun car. We had a Mustang, it was awesome.

7. The trees. Oh how I loved the trees.

8. There were flowers on the alter, I didn’t even notice them. If you are going to have flowers on the alter, make them prominent and noticeable.

9. When Harry snuck a peak at her and reported to Will, it was so cute. I loved how he waited until she was close, that aisle was so long.

10. I loved the way the looked at each other, You could tell they were in love. Those are the moments that make a wedding so special.

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