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Do we need to feed wedding vendors?

This is a very common question I receive, the answer is simple. Yes. You are going to want to feed your DJ, Photographer, Wedding Planner, Videographer and any other vendor that is staying late – it’s in your best interest.

Think about it, how well do you perform if you are hungry? How about being hungry and working from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. (photographer/wedding planner/videographer) or from 5:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.? Everyone eats dinner, or needs to. So if you aren’t going to feed your vendor who has been working diligently all day (or will be all night) they are going to need to get it from somewhere. Would it be okay if they left during the 1.5 hours of dinner service? At quick response you might say yes, but, what about an impromptu speech from grandma – where’s your DJ to turn the music off, and where’s that photographer to take photos? How about if the music all of sudden stops? For liability reasons you can’t touch the DJ equipment, that’s a lot of awkward silence.

Another question that stems from this, “Can’t I give them a different (cheaper) meal and put them in another room?” Again, having them in the room allows for them to jump up at a moments notice ensuring that you do receive all the important photos – especially if speeches are in-between courses – same goes for the wedding planner and DJ. ┬áIf you’re concerned about saving money and want to offer a different meal to the vendor, that is acceptable; however, when everyone else at the table has a different meal it doesn’t look very good.

Also you will want to check your contracts, most will indicate a meal must be provided for the vendor and their assistant.

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