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Tips for a successful Candy Table

I am a fan of Candy Buffets, probably because I have a big sweet tooth. We had one our wedding over four years ago, before it was a trend (I think of myself as a trend setter). Here are a few tips on how to set up your Candy Buffet to ensure it looks fantastic and is a huge hit with guests.

Personally I like monochromatic. However, it doesn’t have to be to look good. Take a look at this example. It works well because it has a backdrop, labels, and varying levels for the display.

A beautiful candy buffet/table has height, texture and most importantly decor. You can’t forget this table and just let it be. If you want it to be a huge hit, ensure it stands out and is enticing. Food is ALL about presentation.

Boxes or bags, this will allow for guests to take the candy home or to their table, and they look cute.

A good way to add height is to find a bunch of books or a box and wrap them up in wrapping paper or fabric that is a contrasting color to the beautiful linen you have chosen. In the image below, there is fantastic presentation, they created a second row in the back for height and the backdrop has detail and texture.

Don’t forget to label your candy. Not only is it for presentation, but it prevents waste from people ‘trying candy’ and of course allergies. It’s always good to know what you’re selecting.

Also don’t forget something to select candy with – i.e. scoops or tongs. Not only for hygienic reasons but so I can get more than one jelly bean in my bag.

As for how much. Well that’s the million dollar question. As long as you have a good variety and a decent amount you should be fine. Remember not all of your guests will indulge. Though I recommend ensuring you have lots of the candy you like so you have left overs.

Finally if you want to make your table stand out and be the talk of the town, have a nostalgic candy that is hard to find. Mojos. Enough said. They were my favorite by far, and they are impossible to find. We had them for our wedding and we weren’t left with any and I think I had 5-10lbs of the little delights.

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