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Pinterest: A Curse and a Blessing


I have a huge love for Pinterest, as I see more weddings, more tips and recipes than I would have otherwise. But that’s part of the problem with Pineterest, from the wedding side of things (I’ve also heard the same thing about the new perception of being a Super Mom)

Most brides to be have a general idea of what they would like to have for a wedding, but then Pinterest comes along and changes their minds. A few times. Okay, a hundred times.

You need to decide early on what you general theme is going to be, modern, vintage, elegant? What colours would you like to see? Why? Because everything you pick from your dress to your stationery should reflect this choice.

So while pinning you keep in mind:

1. Keep a consistent theme going, weed out the old pins that no longer reflect your vision
2. Use photos as Inspiration, don’t intend to copy.
3. Try a project out a LONG time before the wedding, otherwise you will forget about it, and trust me, last minute DIY does not work out.
4. Just because she had it doesn’t mean it’s available here. Yes, in Alberta we are limited. Especially when it comes to flowers.
5. Write in the pin why you liked it, i.e. I like the font in this invitation.

When I have clients with lots of pins, they become very overwhelmed and don’t know where they are going with all these pins. There are TONS of beautiful and unique wedding ideas out there, you don’t need them all to make your wedding perfect. Your wedding is about two people who fell in love and want to be married, and if that’s the only thing that happens that day then it was a success. Your guests are there to visit, and see you laugh, cry, and smile.

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