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When it comes to weddings, there are two things guests really, truly care about – the food and the alcohol. It’s true, I hear it all the time at weddings, I do a lot of observing during the course of a wedding.

So how do you make sure your bar isn’t a flop? Well, I always have been asked is it okay to do a cash bar how do we handle it? Well, I would say most of my weddings are open or toonie bars. A lot of the time the toonie bars – are donation to keep the drinking down just a bit, more controlled. A good way to think about it is, would you go to a friends house and pay for your own wine? Generally not. Etiquette indicates that the host must pay for the liquor. However, there are ways around this!

Here are a three tips to control your bar:

1. Limit the liquor choices. If you have a simple bar those of us who are particular about our whiskey simply won’t drink as much. I’ll use myself as an example, I’m extremely picky with my rum, down to 2-3 brands and most aren’t carried at hotels or bars, I would be that guest who wouldn’t drink if you had it paired down to wine on the tables and beer at the bar.

2. Hand out tickets for the bar, if you give every guests 3-4 tickets for alcohol you limit the liquor consumption. Now, if that guest wishes to completely intoxicate themselves you’re off the hook.

3. Have wine poured. Sounds like it costs more? No, actually. A controlled pour allows for bottles of wine that would be unused at another table be used – for example if you have a table of all red wine drinkers or perhaps a table where only one person consumes wine, those unopened bottles would waste. It looks fancier, and it allows the bottles to be controlled.


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