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Engagement Photos: Justin & Karen

These are photos from Katch Studios that they did for Karen and Justin (who’s wedding is this very weekend!). They make a beautiful couple and are uber photogenic!


Engagement photos are a fabulous way to try out a photographer without committing to them (if you are unsure of them), some photographers even have them attached to their packages that way they can see how the two of you will react together.

Choose some places that mean something to you, perhaps your a teacher and want to go to a school to do photos, or perhaps the place that he proposed. How about your favorite place for date night? There are endless options and if you can’t decide ask your photographer – that’s why you hired them!

Wear something that you are comfortable in, remember lots of people will be looking at these photos. Choose something that fits your personality, don’t wear a dress for the photos if you never ever wear a dress, your face will say you are uncomfortable!


You should do these photos as soon as possible, that way they are out of the way. What do I mean? Well if you wait till two months before your wedding you probably won’t be able to find time, you will have several other details to worry about and other more important appointments to attend to.


Remember these photos are fabulous for guestbook tables, cake tables, guestbooks, save the dates, website content, table numbers, or even perhaps a beautiful book for your parents for Christmas! The possibilities are endless!



melissa - July 9, 2009 - 12:48 pm

Great tips. Especially the one about getting them done early…it’s also nice to see how you’ve changed as a couple from the time of engagement to your wedding!

Travis & Jenni: June 27


What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! Jenni and Travis were married on June 27th at the Winspear, in the main lobby. It was a fantastic location with exquisite modern architecture.  The photographer (for most of the photos below) was Elizabeth from ENV Photography. She did a fabulous job on the photos as you can see from below, it has been less than 24 hours and she has quite the section already done! The adorable ring bearer was their son Ben, who was ever so well behaved that day! The fabulous flowers were from Laurel’s Flowers on Whyte, the dj that kept the party going all night was Lee from Hear by Request, and Kathryn Cardinal presided over the ceremony. The reception was held at the Woodvale golf course, the food was extremely tasty, and the staff were very efficient and helpful. The simple yet tasty cake was provided by Bake-Me-A-Cake.

Thank you again Jenni and Travis for inviting me to be a special part of your special day.









bridesmaid dresses

I found these lovely dresses that I just had to share! They are from Aria, she also sells some lovely wedding dresses!

melissa - June 26, 2009 - 2:13 am

i love the blue one!


What a great new “theme” for a wedding, you can completely personalize everything using a silhouette of your fiancé and yourself! It is extremely popular, it is even in this months Style and Home (they show you how to use a vintage touch). Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate a fabulous silhouette of the two of you into your wedding and make it even more unique. Remember it doesn’t matter who else has done this theme because it will always be unique!


Cake Table ; Cake 1; Cookies; Cake 2; Cake3 ; Pink sihouettes; boxes

NY Wedding Planner - March 20, 2010 - 4:47 pm

Getting the right wedding planner will make your special day even better! Everything will be taken care of just like as to how you would do it yourself. Seriously think about spending a little more money for a better result.

wedding photography

I personally believe, and find most of the people I speak with believe, that photography is the most important aspect of a wedding. Face it, its the only thing left after it’s all said and done. I found this photographer from Toronto and I was fascinated with his work. Here are a few shots. I must admit I am a little envious of the amount of ‘dirty’ and unique backgrounds there are in TO.

Tim Chin



( I LOVE this dress so beautiful)







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